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vicnumb Oct 27, 2012

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WordPress installation process via Fantastico De Luxe software management panel or how to install wordpress in a few mouse clicks without any effort if your cpanel has Fantastico De Luxe control pannel.

WordPress Installed by Fantastico De Luxe


1. Login to your cpanel and check if your cpanel is running Fantastico De Luxe.
Click the Fantastico De Luxe Software Management Image.

Fantastico De Luxe Icon

IMPORTANT: In case you have no Fantastico De Luxe installed, see the other blog posts about WordPress installation via Softaculous: Softaculous WordPress Installation


2. Find the WordPress link in the left side menu, click it to start the installation process.
You get to a page with info of current WordPress versions installed on your web-hosting, latest WordPress blog version available, space required to install your blog, space available on your web-hosting.

Click: New Installation to continue the WordPress installation process.

WordPress Latest Version Available, Space Necessary, Space Available, Info about Installed Versions


3. Step 1 of 3 – WordPress Installation

  • Install on domain – in case you host multiple domains on the shared hosting, choose the one you are going to install your blog on.
  • Install in directory – leave this field empty if you wish to have the WordPress blog installed in your website root folder. e.g. url will look like: http://yourwebsite/. And if you have some content in the home folder, install the WordPress blog into a subfolder. Your blog url will look like: http://yourwebsite/folder/ .
  • Administrator-username – change the default username to one more protected.
  • Password – use a strong password. There are plenty of web bots surfing the net and trying the username and passwords for installed WordPress blogs.
  • Admin nickname – a nickname that will appear under admin blog posts.
  • Admin e-mail – the email address admin will get notifications about new posts and comments.
  • Site name – Blog name or blog title, the name of blog that will appear in the top top-left corner.
  • Description – blog description, a phrase that describes your blog (for example. what is your blog about or what is the purpose of running your blog)
  • Fantastico WordPress Blog Install - Step 1


    4. Step 2 of 3 – WordPress Installation

    Website, folder to install the WordPress blog, the suggested mysql database name awaiting for confirmation. Just click Finish Installation.

    WordPress Blog Installation Step 2 - confirmation


    5. Step 3 of 3 – WordPress Installation

    A short report about blog installation and configuration displayed.
    Data about blog installation: blog url, master admin username and password.

    WordPress Blog Installation step 3 of 3. Pick Up information about your blog


    Your Word Press Blog installed!

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