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vicnumb Oct 10, 2012

The primary VIE Scripts goal is to create programs that will bring profit to their owners.

We continously investigate the newest web development and internet marketing technologies. Our programs are based on the best practices of successful internet businessmen conjointly with the latest web programming techniques and user friendly interfaces.

We consider a product susccessful if it has a series of properties:
– a innovative idea on the web
– attractive for users
– a finished solution that covers users needs in a certain niche
– user friendly and intuitive interface
– search engine optimized
– well defined techniques of earning money

Who our clients are

We create programs for small and medium internet business. VIE Scripts products are for you, in case you already have a internet business that needs extension, or need more traffic and new ways to promote your business, or you are a novice going to start a internet business.

What our products are

We create marketing tools, traffic generators, ad rotators, mailers, affiliate based programs, informational directories, free/paid membership based programs, webmaster tools.

Our business vision

Software companies usually create a product and sell it a infinite number of times to extract maximum profit from their investments.
VIE Scripts creates a limited number of versions so they won’t clog internet with the same business concept. A limited number of versions usually raise product in price.
To keep price low we decided to lease our products at a pretty low monthly price. This way our customers get a cheap solution while VIE Scripts may return its investments.

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