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vicnumb Oct 29, 2012

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One of the main inernet marketers goals is promotion.
Promotion = Maximum Visibility = Traffic = Sales = Income

The basic business idea of this project is – mutual promotion between program members via multiple streams: email marketing / graphic banner marketing / text ads marketing / classified ads directory marketing / downline builder.
Besides of advertising members may earn commission from sales they generate by promoting of this program.


Members functions:
* send emails to downlines or to random list
* place graphic banner ads
* place text ads
* place featured links
* place classified ads
* place exit ads
* place affiliate ids for downline builder registered programs
* promote program via affiliate link
* earn commission / view commission report
* view free and paid downlines
* all members are double optin
* members receive notifications on sale / downline registration / signup confirmation / account removal confirmation


Admin functions:
* Manage Members / Add new / Change Status / Edit / Activate Deactivate members
* Ban email addresses / domains / IP addresses from registration
* Manage all kind of ads
* Manage downline builder programs
* Edit administrator offer page (visible by members after login)
* Pages HTML editor (most important pages content)
* View / Edit / Pay Commissions
* Send Emails to all program members is a great Marketing Concept for program affiliates and partners, for marketers as well as for business owners. Its unique marketing solutions and marketing idea novelty have brought plenty of active members that turned to a source of recurring income. members can advertise their goods or services absolutely free, for more advertising power they can choose paid plans. There is a one level Affiliates system at with different plans of commissions for different level of members. brings to its members a list opportunities:

  • market proper or affiliate products
  • market and get multiple streams of income
  • use your advertising power as part of bonus offered for another internet products

At the last of it members get a passive income stream – all downlines see affiliate urls to a list of programs member is joined to. As soon as downlines join to those programs they start bringing in new streams of income.


There are plenty of advertising resources helping members to market program and earn affiliates income.
Membership is voluntary, any new member should confirm their new membership and email address to activate their account. Members can leave anytime, their accounts are totally destroyed and data are lost.


Find program here:

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