Softaculous WordPress Install

vicnumb Oct 20, 2012

Oct 20 2012

WordPress installed via Softaculous or how to install WordPress without any tech knowlege, in just a few clicks of a mouse.

Well, one day I’ve decided to run a Word Press blog. Since thinking how to start it took me too long, I’ve started it simple.

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Cpanel include PEAR Library. Configure Path

vicnumb Oct 14, 2012

Oct 14 2012

I have recently faced a problem, a website of mine was using PEAR DB.php library.
On a linux server without WHM or Cpanel it’s not a problem (at least for me) to configure paths and include PEAR libraries into php scripts just by name:


For cpanel based servers this include won’t work unltil you install your PEAR lilbraries and tell your local php configuration where the PEAR library is.

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PHP. Protect File From Unauthorized Access

vicnumb Oct 12, 2012

Oct 12 2012

Selling downloadable products you perhaps faced a problem: Unauthorized download.
You upload a file, sell it several times, then notice that your file is being accessed by much more people than it was expected to.

As a solution you can send file through email, but in nowadays many people expect instant download, so refunds will start bothering you.

In fact there is a rather simple php solution allowing downloads to authorized people only.

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PHP. PDF File Download


Oct 12 2012

You have a pdf file with some informative info to share with your website users.

HTML Anchor, PDF File Download

Link your .pdf file into html code:

<a href="path_to_file/filename">download my file</a>

path_to_pdf_file – pdf file URL or relative path;
filename – your pdf file to download;

How does this work? Say your file is pdf, text, word, excel format… User’s browser automatically detects file type and display the file content to your users.
Now, to save this file they should click the right mouse button and select Save from the drop down menu.

But, what if you wish users download your file…

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Hello world!

vicnumb Oct 3, 2012

Oct 03 2012

This blog was started for the following reasons:
1. leaving stickers for my memory.
2. showing to the potential employers what I do, my daily activities.
3. share with the others my personal experience, hoping to make their lives easier.

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