Check SPF, DKIM, Domain Keys, Reverse DNS, Spam Assasin on bulk mailing

vicnumb Dec 15, 2012

Dec 15 2012 Published by under Links & Info, Postfix Config & Email Delivery

After DKIM installation and SPF&DKIM DNS records configuration, I have asked myself “Do all these work? How do I know?”.

After some googling, found websites with possibility to check DKIM and SPF records, additionally you can send a email and get an automatic answer with your email address and content verification details like:
– SPF DNS record check
– DomainKeys record check
– DKIM record check
– Sender-ID check
– Spam Assasin check

With all the details above you may have a general idea of what kind of emails you send and if your emails are being accepted by major mail hosting services.

Additionally, to these you may want to check your reverse DNS and IP blacklisting, all mail hosters check your reverse DNS and many of them check if IP is blacklisted or not, so these are very important as well.

Below are listed the sources I use to check my domains, email addresses, email content.

DKIM Records check:

SPF Records check:

Email SPF, DKIM, Domain Keys, Sender-ID, Spam Assasin check:

Send an email to the listed addresses and get back maximum information about your mailers configurations correctivity

Here is a place of complex checking like – Mx Lookup, Blacklisting, Verify Email Headers, Reverse DNS Lookup and many more.

Multiple Email checking Webmaster Tools

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