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Number Name
page 1 html page
page 2 html page
page 3 html page
page 4 paragraphs
page 5 words size
page 6 font of words
page 7 title of texts
page 8 more paragraphs
page 9 name of a window and inv.text
page 10 html page
page 11 Alphabetized,unalphabetized names
page 12 summary of a book
page 13 links
page 14 more links
page 15 and more links
page 16 test of links
page 17 test of links
page 18 test of links
page 19 test of links
page 20 test of links
page 21 test of links
page 22 test of links
page 23 images
page 24 color of texts
page 25 background colors and lines
page 26 description of my home
page 27 lists
page 28 table
page 29 tip of text
page 30 position of windows
page 31 line of windows
page 32 another line of windows
page 33 more lines of windows
page 34 scroll
page 35 tables
page 36 a button
page 37 html page
page 38 Grid of Boxes
page 39 Images Side by Side
page 40 Equal Height Boxes
page 41 Flexible Boxes
page 42 example of links
page 43 widths and heights
page 44 link page
page 45 examples of banners
page 46 more colors of texts
page 47 another link page
page 48 banner with hover
page 49 lists and tables
page 50 icons and favicons
page 51 vertical menu
page 52 batteries
page 53 horizontal menu
page 54 dropdown menu
page 55 sprites
page 56 a flag
page 57 gradients
page 58 min-height
page 61 javascript introduction
page 62 print the web page
page 63 press button(not on the keyboard)
page 64 more consoling(don't enter if you don't know what it means)
page 65 consoling
page 66 operations in console
page 67 cars
page 68 operation with plus
page 69 comparation
page 70 counting to ten
page 71 cases
Number Name

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