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Characters Countdown Counter. JavaScript.

May 31 2013 Published by under jQuery & JavaScript

Every script we work on, include text forms with characters counter and limit.

The basic requirements to this program are:

  • Pure JavaScript, no frameworks.
  • As simple as possible.
  • Count text field characters.
  • Display characters count in a separate field.
  • Stop counting on getting to 0 (zero).
  • Limit new characters input on getting to 0 (zero)

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Pagination Class. PHP

May 14 2013 Published by under PHP & MySQL

Pagination is frequently used on displaying large lists that are too big to be displayed on a single page.

As a solution of displaying large lists is

  • Splitting the list into small portions.
  • Displaying one list portion per page.
  • Setting up a menu with possibility to navigate between pages.

Pagination menu coding is a time consuming job.

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