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Copy to Clipboard. Javascript. Cross Browser Solution.

Apr 16 2013 Published by under jQuery & JavaScript

Doing front end coding job, some time ago appeared a interesting problem.

How to facilitate our web service utilization by adding a Copy to Clipboard Button.

The Copy to Clipboard feature appears to be very helpful for website users, as they usually don’t know how to copy content, or don’t think they need a content copy (the copy button is just a hook that makes them click copy button), or they have to run same copy to cllipboard operation multiple times on the same page and one click copy button would save them their time and efforts…

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Anonymous Internet Browsing. Myth or Reality.

Apr 05 2013 Published by under Misc, Tricks

We hear here and there Keep your information private, use proxy servers and you will never be detected.


A series of questions appear around “proxy mystery”:

  • Is information about your IP address hidden.
  • Is information about your browser hidden.
  • Is information about your computer hidden.


If you can easily hide information, can you simulate another user or another browser by changing the IP addresses and browser headers:

  • Can you change the IP address.
  • Can you simulate a browser.
  • Can you simulate a real visitor using proxy servers.

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